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rdering on-line is really simple, just a few steps, or you can order by mail using the Simple Mail order form. QUESTIONS? Call Bob 404 405 5442.

Before ordering there are 2-decisions you will need to make.
  1. What domain name to use.   Although most posts have a name, oftentimes the name is not easily remembered or easily misspelled.  I recommend something easy to remember. What I suggest is something like The first 2-letters represent your state abbreviation, in the example above it is for Florida. I also recommend the.ORG extension.  
  2. How to pay for the order.   You may use a credit card or you can mail a check. For check orders, website setup will begin after check is received. Payment is acceptable as annual or semiannual.  
When ordering you need to have the following information available.
  • Post Name
  • Complete mailing address
  • Phone number
  • e-mail address of who will be overseeing the website
The   Order Now   button will take you to The American Legion package order page at
  1. Enter your selected Domain Name. (If you have a domain name already then you will need to phone me at 404-405-5442 to place your order.)
  2. The system will verify the availability of your selected name.
  3.  If available click the   Continue   link, if not then you will need to select another name or variation of the previous selected name.
  4. Select the Website package, Super Economy or American Legion.
  5. Select the billing cycle. (Annual is only available for the economy.) Page will calculate and refresh.
  6. Enter a UserName and PassWord for the domain name.
  7. Select Payment Type. Enter a coupon code for a discount. Coupon code is only available on printed materials.
  8. Enter your account information. (You can use the same UserName and PassWord as you did before.)
  9. Scroll down for your Checkout, verify order then click the   Order   link.
Website will be ready for you in 3-to-7-days.