Compare Website Systems

Please read through listing of features.

A honest comparison between our plans and the sanctioned site builder’s plan.

   FEATURES Legion Site Builder      Mobile-Friendly    Legion Sanctioned
   Annual Fees    $99.95    $119.95    $240.00
   Software Used    RvSitebuilder    ProcessWire CMS thinkWeb, Inc. CMS
   OWN your Domain Name
(very important)
   YES   YES    NO
   Mobile-Optimized Design*
Mobile-Friendly Upgrade
Choose your unique theme
   YES   NO    NO
(Simple Editors Front-end Log-in)
   Photo Gallery
   Events Calendar
   Contact Us (unlimited)
   Adobe Flash
   Newsletter Subscription (AddOn)    Free Option
   Free Option    ???
   Fill-able Membership Form    NO
   eMail Accounts   unlimited   unlimited   10
   Lifetime Phone and eMail Support

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