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"We all have an obligation to serve their respective community near and far by providing information to their audiences about the services, events and opportunities available locally. "

Your Discounted solution for your Post, District and Department Website System

Discounted, yes, top quality, yes. All the features and more than the Sanctioned Website provider. An American Legion Post Website is Your Window to the World – An Invitation for All to Look Inside with a well-designed, mobile-optimized website can help you engage with new members, communicate with them and involve them in your activities. A post website communicates you beyond My Legion to the world.

"We are the Second largest provider of American Legion Post website systems." Providing posts with mobile-Optimized Website Systems allover the 48 lower states; to  London England, and across the US since 2003.

WE have 2-plans available. Both Plans include Domain Name Registration and Hosting. The Primary difference between the two (2) plans, aside price, is the Mobile-Friendly plan is for multiple editors (users), each with their own log-in info.

Here are a few of the things you would be able to do...
1.      Add pictures to the site from image files on my computer.
2.      Add a page to the site for users to see copies of our quarterly PDF newsletters.
3.      Add a page to the site for users to see copies of our monthly meeting minutes.
4.      Add a page or albums for pictures and info on our Post officers.
5.      Accomplish 2&3 with buttons to bring up the files to view.
6.      Add links to national, department and district legion websites (national required by the American Legion).
7.      Add other website links of interest to our post members and community.

TSgt. USAF Jo Ret.

  Our post was just a beached fish making little headway. Yes, we would pick up a new member or 2 along the way, but activities and community involvement was lacking. What to do?
    I started researching possibilities of a website when I came across after a few conversations with administrator Bob Johnson. He related to a post he was a member of several years back. The plan was to make community and the post share in announcements of activities like hands working together. After a few months with our website and the community’s, things started coming together. We both gained activity involvements and brought a few new members out of the woodwork.


  • Easy to use website builder.
  • Choice of 2-Templates
  • NO programing Skills required.
  • Easy to add text, photos, and more.

LegionSitebuilder Plan

  • Most economical plan.
  • Uses RVsitebuilder template
  • loaded with features.
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Mobile-Friendly Plan

  • Use with more contributing editors.
  • Uses ProcessWire CMS
  • Distinguished Design.
  • Learn More...

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The Website is Your Window to the World – An Invitation for All to Look Inside The American Legion’s success depends entirely on active membership, participation and volunteerism. The organization belongs to the people it serves and the communities in which it thrives. 

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